Quality Hardwood Flooring - Maine Made

From seedling to board, every piece of MooseWood flooring is born from the highest standards of forest sustainability and nurtured by pioneers in responsible forest stewardship.

MooseWood Flooring is part of the Seven Islands Land Company, operated by the Pingree family since 1841. Each step in the productin of MooseWood flooring is owned by the family and overseen by certified professionals committed to producing the highest quality products.

The hardwoods grown in Maine's colder climate yield a natural product of the finest color and grain - everything that the discriminating consumer seeks! Whether you prefer the natural beauty of a clear coated finish, or a carefully selected stained finish to accent the curves and lines of the hardwood, MooseWood has the beautiful, durable, high quality flooiring you need.

Seven Islands works to safeguard wildlife, supports and encourages research to further enhance Maine's natural resource based culture, and implements forest management best pratices. Today, Seven Islands' commitment to the landscape,  people, and economy of Northern Maine has never been stronger or more valued.