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MooseWood Millworks and the MooseWood Flooring line of products are proud affiliates of Seven Islands Land Company, one of the most well respected names in forest management.  Seven Islands is a multi-generational, family-owned company that manages close to 1 million acres of FSC® and SFI® certified forest in Northern Maine, owned by the Pingree Family since 1841. Seven Islands and the Pingree Family are leaders in the forest industry and have remained highly committed to responsible forest stewardship and sustainable practices since the beginning. 

MooseWood is part of the Seven Islands family of companies, which also includes Maine Woods Company and Portage Wood Products.  Maine Woods Company (MWC) is a hardwood lumber manufacturer with a state-of-the-art sawmill that is committed to producing premium products.  Portage Wood Products (PWP) is a hardwood chipping facility which provides Seven Islands with a stable market for pulp grade hardwood.  All three mills are located within 12 miles of one another, at the edge of the North Maine Woods and the Pingree Forest, and provide essential support to one another.  Seven Islands supplies hardwood roundwood from the Pingree Forest to both MWC and PWP.  Maine Woods Company processes the logs into exceptional lumber which is then sold to customers who manufacture flooring, cabinets, moldings, and furniture.  PWP process the pulpwood into high quality chips which are then sold to customers who manufacture pulp to make paper products.  PWP also supplies logs recovered from pulpwood stems to MWC allowing greater utilization of the roundwood.  Furthermore, MWC supplies lumber to MooseWood to produce high quality flooring, adding further value to the forest resource managed by Seven Islands. All three mills are FSC® certified.

The relationship between the Seven Islands family of companies is unique to the forest industry and tells a story of a legacy of sustainability and forest stewardship.  From the moment the trees are established on the forest floor, to the moment they are created into flooring for your home, the hardwoods from the Pingree forest are guaranteed to have been grown, managed, and manufactured sustainably along every step of the process. Being able to harvest timber, process it into lumber, and produce a finished flooring product all on forestland and at facilities owned by one family distinguishes the Seven Islands family of companies from most of its competitors.  Together, the Seven Islands family of companies is continuing the Pingree Family tradition of 175 years of excellent forest stewardship and ensures the highest quality in its people, processes, and products. 

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